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Welcome to the King Billy Booking page, where below you can fill in all your details. Please tell us the date you'd like to book as well as how many people. We will then call you to confirm your booking. If you don't receive a call please assume your booking has been UNSUCCESSFUL and call us on 01229 772 009 to confirm. 
Thankyou and we look forward to seeing you.

Please be aware that we do not open on Mondays

About Template

New trend in web design are one-page websites. Usually they are smaller sites, but even complex websites can be build only on one single page. No loading of additional pages and no waiting after each click. When viewing such websites, user actually have feeling he's working on an application loaded in his browser rather that classic surfing the web.

How This Template Works

Hot Food Spirit template loads several Joomla pages. They are differently styled and some of those pages load modules (Hot Film Tape) and plugins (Hot Photo Gallery). Classic module positions are only on top (logo, menu and big intro image) and bottom (footer links and copyright text).

Pages In This Demo

The template demo contains 5 pages (marked as Featured in Joomla) and describes a fictional Sparky's restaurant. We will describe each page here and explains how each page has been built. It will help you to understand how to edit them. Above the pages, there's module position header1 with the first instance of the Hot Film Tape module (included with template) and large high resolution responsive slideshow.

  1. The Menu A simple page with textual content.
  2. Events A page with textual content and with high resolution image in the background. The image is scaled according to the screen size.
  3. Our Story This page contains some textual content and slideshow with collection of images that are inserted through the Hot Photo Gallery plugin (included with template).
  4. Gallery In this page you can see another instance of the Hot Film Tape (included with template)
  5. Contact Us This page contains Rapid Contact module and some social networking linked icons.

All modules mentioned above are included in template package (no additional fees).

How To Create Menu Items (Top Menu Links)

Each Joomla article that uses this template must contain the anchor tag in the beginning of the article. It looks (in example) like this:

<a id="the_menu"></a>

If WYSIWYG editor is enabled in global configuration, you can't see it this tag. So, either disable editor in Global Configuration or use HTML view to see this tag. When you have such tag in the content, then you can make menu items as on our demo. Those menu items are External URL type (menu item type) and Link parameter should be (for this example): #the_menu

Making Normal Single Pages

You can use this template to make normal single-article pages. Do this as you usually do with any other Joomla template. You need to make an article page and to create a menu item (type: single article) that's assigned to the article. The page that you read at this moment is a sample of such single page.

Layout and Responsiveness

Layout of this template is based on the revolutionary Sparky Framework and it uses fluid (100%) width. Actually, width of single pages has been limited to maximum 1140px (for better design), but the header bar, intro module, footer area and some pages have fluid width and occupy 100% of user's screen space.

This is responsive template. It looks beautiful and works fine on all devices and on all screen sizes.